May 24, 2010

Rear View Mirror. . . .

Warning [not sure if I am supposed to use statutory or cautionary as the prefix] so it remains only a plain WARNING. Here’s the warning – This post is going to end with the same stuff as its about to begin. I would prefer the reader to read both the beginning and the end but the choice rests with the reader’s interest. I would guarantee you that both the Scenes would be perceived differently, for the Beginning would be read without context and the End is surrounded by a situation. . . .
I delay, a dedication that I would like to make of this article by a few lines until I write the beginning, for the Dedication is characterized by few qualities that can be mistaken for the context to read the beginning, Since I’ve promised you that there’s no context when you read the beginning. There are a lot of things I can write about, to delay the beginning as long as my intention is to do so. You can keep guessing until I reveal the beginning. . .
Now I am beginning to guess that you would’ve already started thinking what the beginning would be like. Here, allow me to remind you that it will be unlike anything you can ever think of, for there’s no indication of the context that is presented to you yet. You can still continue to think, if you assume that the title of the article is any indication of the beginning or the end. . . . Now I presume that I’ve been successful in making you choose the path that I want you to keep guessing. I wasn’t curtailing you the liberty to think aloud what you feel like, its just that I’ve masqueraded you in the direction of my choice. Now I guess you would beg to differ . . . and I appreciate that.
Now I can see that there are two parallel narratives that are being woven while you are reading this. The one that you are guessing, a fictional story that’s based on the intuitions of your mind and the other that is certain. . . One of the reasons for me to prolong the beginning is that the options are endless in your case. It is in an attempt to nurture your presumptions of the context or the beginning or the end, that I am curtailing myself from writing what is certain. There’s only one certainty. The one that I am aware of.
At this point If may request the reader to note the thoughts in your mind and leave them as comments, it would certainly help us in building a fictional story that’s based on absolutely nothing but a few factual hints. Choice is yours.
I would like you to know that I am transferring what's in my diary to the blog, so the next few lines will be an indication of the delay in posting the beginning and the conclusion.
Now there’s still another one and a half pages that’s left in my Diary. What’s needed to write what’s intended is only half a page and if that’s written now, then The Empty Page will remain Empty forever . . . and that’s the reason why I need to drag n brag about some utter nonsense before I make the point. I am not sure if I’ll ever be able to talk about any serious issues in the remaining one page. . . No man in my knowledge has ever been able to address such a thing that can change the world, in just a page. If he did exist I am sorry about the fact that my knowledge is limited. In the mean time you can keep guessing while I try to think of ways to write the prelude to the Fact.
In fact, I would love to talk about the existence of God, how he came to exist amongst the varied diversities of mankind. May be Gandhi would’ve been a better topic and I could explore how he became Mahatma. . . Caste system cannot be touched upon here as there are more castes that divide us than the number of lines in my entire diary, that’s out of question. It’s shear waste of time to write about the Indian Cricket team after their hopeless T20 World cup debacle in West Indies, nor would I be interested in the stories of Mr. Modi n Mr Tharoor regarding IPL. . . Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Academic accomplishments and degrees do not make it to the elaboration list, As a Man with only education and no powers to implement the change, in spite of being at the helm of affairs, fails to find a place in my book. Obama and Osama are interesting but apart from the publicity that they receive for their names, I don’t see any Achievement or Worthy contribution to the society that I can mention here.
Now that I am inching close to the end of the last page, I guess its time for me to make the dedication that I was talking about.
Dear all,
            This post is dedicated to all the girls, across varied places that I’ve rode my bike, till the time when My “Rear View Mirror” was on my bike. . . .
Not completely yours,                                                                                                                         Yatisa
Sorry people, I did not stick to my word. I’ve written the Dedication before the beginning, its up to you to read it as a context to the beginning or the situation surround the end. I just changed My Mind, I did for I felt it was apt.
Did I say All the girls, there’s a small correction, all the girls whom I’ve made an Eye contact through my rear view mirror. Now that there’s no RVM on my Bike ever since I met with an Accident about a year ago, I rely on the RVMs of those vehicles on which the girls are traveling. There’s a difference though between “Then” and “Now”. Earlier I would be in front of them to catch a glimpse of them, Now I need to stay behind, to meet in the EYE. . .
Here, at this point in time you must know, how I wish what’s written on the Rear View Mirror is true in reality. . . Now the “Beginning” that’s been evading for long – “the objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” – Well, that is also the End.

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