Jan 29, 2011

Something else. . . .

I was thinking of copying something that’s written in my book, like always I do, before putting it up on the WWW but I am in a fix to decide ‘which’ the something is, that deserves the priority. Toss of a coin won’t help because there are way too many to pick from. What it may help is – to decide which book to copy from. . . . I have two books in front of me right now.
Anyone who knows what I write and how I write would know, what I might end up doing in a situation like this. I would be happy to know if I managed to surprise them when they read it through and find me doing something out of my way. If do manage to surprise someone – anyone, then it’ll only go on to put a little more pressure on them for having failed to know me well enough......well its not that important.

I am not sure if anyone in the world would be interested in knowing this piece of information that I am about to share. I am typing all this, every new word that’s going to be read or that’ will just remain typed is being saved in an old file which is saved with a file name – “Don’t Know What It’s About. . . . . .”

As I told you earlier, If I were to copy something from one of the books and since the choice of selecting one  of them was a pretty tough one, those who know me well would now have a fair idea, of what a lazy bum like me might end up doing. . . . It’s a pretty simple thing, I would say, if you think – what would I do? 

If your thought is the same as what I am about to say then I will accept that you know me quite well. . . . I will Ctrl C what’s already typed in the first two pages of this file and come to the end of the page, after this line and Ctrl V. . . . . I can always lie to you and say this is what I chose to copy and also go on to lie to you that it was written in one of the books.

Did you just think I would do that? ? ? ?

Well I still don’t know as I am typing, what I would do. . . What’s already typed at the top of the page can go on to be a different story with the same name, as I’ve already told you. . . hope you remember the name. . . If you’ve forgotten then go back up and find out for yourself, enough spoon feeding is being done around here. . . ‘Here’ as in not ‘here’ but the ‘bigger here’ where we belong. . . .Time to be independent folks!!!!!

Finally coming to what I did or what I will do – I am at this point in time, is overwhelmed at the prospect of seeing what’s typed, making some sense and the fact that without a word being copied from either of the books or from one of the earlier pages in this file, yes of course the title is an exception, this can go on to survive on the WWW as “Something Else. . . .” 

oops.... did I? ? ?

It’s over now and this is between Me and You, After all, I am sure now, that you don’t know me as well as you think you know, guess it’s time to meet me more often to know me better.... If you’re not surprised with what you read then that makes me happy and I would treat you to a cup of coffee for sure....yeah coffee, at a place of my choice, that’s all I can afford.....