Jan 20, 2015

4 in the morning

it is dark and it is cold outside and the inside is no different. everyone is sleeping in the comfort of the blanket and i can hear them snoring accentuating the silence of the night, while the stray dogs are barking away to glory saying something loud and clear but i can't really be sure! i haven't had an opportunity to blog for a long time and i thought this was the right time.

if i were to start this blog without paying any attention to everything around me, i would have started by simply wishing you all a very happy new year. in that case i would have to define happiness in my perception for i wish only that happiness to all.... or may be not! happy new year, 'happy' defined in your own perception of its attainment.

its been a long time! in all this time that has passed into the past, i was busy resurrecting my sinking self! how did i do it that, if you wonder, i wondered as well!!! I wrote something long to explain how and then backspaced it all to begin again to type exactly what you're reading. in fact that is precisely what i did most of the time as i lived through those days,wondering and wandering all at the same time. I WAS LOST, to say the least and FOUND, for the best!

Now, half an hour into the blog, crows have joined the party, the stray dogs somehow seem to have slipped into a peaceful sleep inspite of the kaw kawing crows dominating the silent night....

i have changed a bit in all this time. i no longer like the long prose i used to write for it seems to lack the depth. i haven't written much in a long time! i no longer like what i write when imagination fails to take over leaving reality far behind. its in the reality that i often 'find' myself lost and in the fantasy i see myself found, like never before.

I hate the prose and i love to be poetic
but what do i do? its all too cryptic
i feel like breaking the lines
and hope it all rhymes
who knows when
i will sing it again?!
the night is cold and the silence is
eaten away by the kaw kawing crows
i know not what
the story they ought
singin' out aloud
in company of the dogs on the road!
i wondered why? and i wondered what?
the party outside is all about!
i walk out the door
look through the light, that is so poor
along the lines of wires across street
sat not one, not two crows but the whole lot!
holding tight, the crows on the wire sing the song
the ones in tree, still in the nest sing along.
i wonder what the occasion
for those songs of celebration
deep in the night
while i couldn't sleep tight!
all night long the sun will shine
in a far away place, where i have never been...
in the morning light everything seems different
its 4 in the morning and i bid you goodnight!

- yatisa