May 18, 2010

37. Two Loners and a Stranger

If I may call typing as a way of writing, then I would like to let you all know that this post is being written for third time. That, leaving behind the time when it was framed for the first time in "My Mind". Now I will write word to word as it was written the second time in my diary, from here on . . .

What I am writing in this book now is something that's already written in another book on 24 mar 2010. Why am I writing what's written in another book into this one, when both the books belong to me??? May be its just the fear of losing the other book that's making me transfer the information from that book into this one. . . Its quite obvious that My acts writing this would raise a lot of questions, questions like - Would I be transferring all the data in this book into the other??? Why would I fear the loss of that book and not the book that I am writing in??? AM I going to transfer all the shit in that book into this or Is it only the important Stuff??? What determines what is important???  Wow !!!! I know, "I just love question". . . . 

Two Loners and A Stranger. . . . finally the topic !!!!

Well, I am finding it slightly difficult to begin the description of the situation. This is the story of two Loners, not exactly a story but I like to make you believe that it is ONE . . . Loner - I cannot think of a better word to describe someone who enjoys his own company.
Now, Now, Now, One of the two loners is Myself and its not my story, I am merely a spectator. Its a story of the Other Loner and the Stranger from My Point Of View. . . 

To elaborate a li'l on the Loner first, He's this handsome, bespectacled guy, who looks well educated - for carries a Pen and a paper just like me all the time. . . . The last part was just to let everyone know that I am educated too, at least I consider so. He would often Visit the coffee shop just like I did and btw he does look like he's a bachelor.

Since I don't know the person in person, I leave it at this point, where I like to believe that he would visit the coffee shop for more or less the same reason as I do. . . 
He would often write about something, may be about the strangers in the coffee shop, Just like the one that you are reading, or the activities around him or the conversations that he overheard in the course of his stay at the coffee shop. I've seen the Other Loner many a times before this but I've never written anything about him, until Now !!!! What is it that makes me write about him today ???

I've about fifteen mins before I leave the coffee shop, so I need to finish "HIS" Story from my perspective within that time.
Today, it seems a li'l different day to me, for him - unlike the other days. By the time I walked in today, he was already seated and he didn't have his fav place in the shop, for that was occupied by Some Stranger. . . We are all strangers in here. But today, I found that he was not "BEING ALONE". He looked like he was enjoying her company than his own self. She too seemed to be interested in keeping his company. But all the three protagonists in the story are strangers
Since two of us had seen each other before and I could Identify him to be a LONER through my observation, it so happens that We are "Two Loners and A Stranger". . . She was the stranger. we all shared same stories of each of us to each other through the occasional Eye Contact. . . It is at this juncture the story kicks off, at the eye contact of the Other Loner and the Stranger.

As I am writing this, I see that the Other Loner too is writing something. . . He's doing exactly as what I am doing. Writing, takes a break every now and then, looks around, makes an eye contact with the stranger next to him, grabs her attention for a moment. . . . continues to write.
Ever since I walked in today, I've shared quite a few glares with both the loner and the stranger. . . May be I hope I have not disturbed their peaceful, silent company - Why would I ???

As I am writing, I am beginning to think, what he's writing. I wonder, if I am being the object or subject of his writing???? Is he weaving a story around me, just like me??? Is he writing about the stranger in the store and his occasional peeks at her???? The situation only allows me to raise questions about the acts of each of Us[strangers] except for what I am doing or writing or thinking. What I am doing, are not the  answers to the questions I raise. All I want to do is to do it better than what he's doing.
How I wish to take a diversion here to talk about - How I can call what is best and what is not What sets the benchmark for it to be called ? ? ?best or better or good or fair or poor ? ? ? Is it just the effort that matters and not the outcome of those efforts that's more important??? In fact Lord Krishna told the same to Arjuna, when he was alive. . . after all, we are mere humans.

All this while I almost forgot to describe the Stranger. In fact I did not forget that, there was no intention of elaborating about her. . . She was never seen in the coffee shop before that day and she was beautiful and She was a girl. . . ha ! ! ! What more, you need to know about a beautiful girl, come one people, trust your imagination, she'd be better than the girl I saw for Real . . . .

So I need to take a break, look around, observe the two of them - The Other Loner and the Stranger. Nothing comes to my mind that can make my writing anymore interesting than what it already is. . . So I Stop it at this point where all the four of us are enjoying our strange company. Yes, You read it right and there's no writing error either, now its FOUR of Us. When I started writing at the beginning we were three of Us, in the course of time we became FOUR. Myself, The Other Loner, The Stranger and "her" Friend.
She's now joined by a friend of hers, but that doesn't stop Us from continuing each others company to share an occasional Stare, may be we can laugh it off as we walk out of the coffee shop. . . As for me, time for another Bisi[hot] and Strong Coffee, got better and more important work to do, not that what I was doing was bad. Remember I must rush in fifteen minutes. . . times up.

I hope not to add anything further to this until, One day, When I come across the Two of them sitting across the same table and sharing a good laugh at their first glance of each other. . . I hope, just plain HOPE.

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