Feb 27, 2010

22. one liners . . . . .

when your one words don't speak a sentence and when your sentences fail to tell a story, U need to be more elaborate. . . .

it was a conflict between intuition n logic, followed logic, failed miserably . . .

Its your actions through the day that define how great was your day . . . .

My answer is that the journey itself is the destination. The journey of life is it's purpose - Shekar kapur

when your worst fears come true more often then its time to fear success , fear luxury, fear money, fear everything u ever wanted . . . .

did foolish things that made more sense. . . . now it makes me wonder if I should ever be serious at all . . . .

i thinks its time for me, I'll be sucked into the world and It'll force me to do things the way "THE MAN" wants it to be DONE, I'll be lost

Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to DIE to get there . . . . :) - Steve Jobs

what's in store for us is not in our hands . . . . we don't own the future . . .

just found out that there's a lot of difference between working hard n Hard working . . . . . . thanks to Ullas

Hurt your EGO, you'll be satisfied.

I hate Coincidences........they ruin uniqueness.

only thing that interferes with my learning is my education - Albert einstein.

Just another day in the life of Yatisa, until some thing happens from now on..........

you have chosen to be taught than learn....Here We all have to Learn.

the sun is rising elsewhere, I am on the darker side.....will wait for the Light.

Feb 25, 2010

21. Page three . . . .

Before people jump into any conclusions, it has nothing to do with madhur's bhandarkar's movie of the same name. It’s about the something that I've written on the third page of my new diary, which I actually wanted to write on the first page . . . Now I’ll put forth the exact words in the book . . .

page 1 - P T O

Page 2 - P T O

Page 3

PS - this note was to be written on the first page but I forgot to write it on the first page, not exactly. I did not forget to write it on the first page, I, in fact never thought of writing it on the first page, the thought of writing it came to my mind only a few minutes before, when I started writing the first line. What is it that I wanted to write on the first page? ? ?
oops, What is it that i want to write on the first page ? ? ?

Ok ok ok - This is what I want to write on the first page, which unfortunately is being written on the third page - and hence the name of the post PAGE 3. . .

Yeah rite, I remember, I am supposed to write what I wanted to write on the first page, but why is it necessary to write what I wanted to write on the first page, on the third page ? ? ?
Just because the thought of writing it on the first page came to me after the first two pages were written . . . ERrrrrrr . . . .  lol, phew - I am not sure, But I will write anyways. . .

"All that I write in this book, will make it to my blog - www.yatisa.blogspot.com/ "

Now that its written on the page three, it does not mean - what's already on the first two pages does not make it to the blog . . . do visit my blog at the above address to find out, way more than what's inside this book . . . . he he he though the book is still empty . . . but if you find the book once the book is filled with nonsense like this, please written it to me following the details provided in the cover page of the book . . . 

end of page 3 - return to page 1 . . . :)

Now is it necessary for me to add something to my first post of the blog, saying that most of the posts in the blog will find a place in my diary, I don't think so . . . but unlike my book, It is possible in this case. . :)

Those of you who'll be reading this, please do not complain about "blog address" in this post. . . if you are reading it on my blog, then you already know my blog address. . . so, that makes it inconsequential of me writing the blog address on my blog, but it was necessary to write the same on the first page of my diary - in fact on page 3 . . . :)

Feb 14, 2010

20. uw Logo review by anna . . .

Here's small review of the logo of urbanwindows, before the final logo was published on the blog. I always wanted to discuss the UW logo with someone who's done logo and graphic design, before we finalised it but unfortunately when you are running your own practice, you have to make certain decisions your self . . . But to my rescue, there was "the man" who I had always admired after spending sometime on road with him on my first ROAD TRIP, to chennai n pondi. . . I had heard of his abilities and seen some of the graphics done by him while I was working at CnT, and when he came online the night before the day, I was to get the cards printed, I asked him if he could just give me his feedback on the logo, here's the excerpts from the conversation . . . :)

In fact I've informed anna about my intension of putting up the conversation on the blog which he had no objection, so I would like extend a heartfelt gratitude to "the man" . . . . Thanks Anna

hey, finally done with the logo. . .
karthik is not in germany... home now :): If a train is heading toward you, ignorance does not lead to bliss.
karthik: show. :)
yatish: I've mailed it . . . .
Feedback please. . . . its taken a lot of time to come up with this. . .
karthik: dude, its amazing. the logo is brilliant.
yatish: Really . . .
Wow, feels like its worth all the effort . . .
karthik: yes. i love the w with the cut.
especially the rounded edges and everything... really cool
dont use the transparent design studio thing tho' it makes it difficult to read.
yatish: Ok. . . . I'll bring space between the two then . . .
Thanks a lot man, What u said really means a lot. . . :)
karthik: and this shade of gray doesn't go well with the orange. experiment more with black.
but dude... logo... turned out perfect
yatish: I think I'll sit once again then before I print that . . .
karthik: do that. or take test prints. you will know exactly what needs to be added or changed
yatish: Its better that I talked to you now. . . . I've already given the prints,
but fortunately they told me to comeback on the morrow. . .
karthik: :) then next print run
now dont look back.
yatish: As u told the last time, logo design really gets to you,
especially if its for your own, I completely agreed. . .
Did almost 100 options . . . wanted something really simple . . .
this was IT. . . :)
karthik: :) the process is necessary tho'
yatish: yep, just realised that..... infact I finalized a few of them,
something was missing in them, maybe simplification . . .
Can I send few of them, let me know if this was in fact the best of the lot. . . .?
karthik: ofcourse.

karthik: what is the 002 logo about?

yatish: was for urban windows itself . . . was just trying something with
positive n negative spaces. . . .
karthik: i love it. but i am partial to black and white logos
yatish: name of the office is actually inspired by what
Charles Correa calls the windows in one of his building . . . .
karthik: :) its nice
yatish: but we refer urban with the context and windows with
thoughts or the Ideas that cross our mind. . . . :)
karthik: its a beautiful idea. you should write it down somewhere.
gives more meaning to what you do. plus reminds you of why you do it
yatish: that logo in particular was one of my favs but Akbar wasn't convinced -
but he reluctantly okayed it . . . . so sat back once again to come up with
what u saw as the final one. . .
thats rite, infact I am planning to put that whole idea on my blog. . . .
karthik: :)
it does take a little time to understand it.
yatish: wat u said is so true, reminds you of WHY you do it. . . .
karthik: but put it up on the urban windows website too
yatish: yes sure :)
will put it up on urbanwindows blog for now n when we go for the website
We'll sure get in touch with you . . . . :)
karthik: please do.
if you need anything dont hesitate to get in touch.
yatish: will remember that . . . :)
karthik: :)
the final UWcard n logo that was published on the blog, is the revised one based on the feedback from anna, thanks for the generous feedback.

19. long long ago . . . not so long ago

This something which I've been posting all my other social network sites which I am following, so most of the people would be aware of this. . . . I just thought that it might be nice put all the things about myself at one place than scatter them all around. What's below, was an attempt to keep myself actively connected with the people at CnT, where I work for sometime, so that they don't forget a specimen like me existed amongst them . . . :)

Dear Sir,

In response to the advertisement on times of india yesterday, day before yesterday and every other day i'm sending you my CV to play cricket at the newly lit cnt cricket grounds.

aim: To represent CnT cricket team in the upcoming IPL under LIGHTS here there every where.


i'm playing gully cricket for the past 12 years. and i was the only player in my village to have a cricket bat 15 years ago.

i made my debut on the streets of indiranagar in summer of 1996

i still hold the record for the longest boundary ever scored in that road.

i played cricket in the PU class team and faced the trials for the College TEAM selections and gave it up because it was for the hard ball. i only like soft ball.

then i went on to play in the studios of UVCE school of architecture for FIVE years with other players like AKBAR AND SAVAN who went on to play professional Cricket for CnT CATS.

then i played at the CnT cricket grounds for almost a year and took VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT from PROFESSIONAL CRICKET as there was no light in the evening sessions.

NOW that the lights have been installed at the CnT Cricket grounds I would like to know if there is an OPPRTUNITY for A PLAYER of my CALIBRE..........................

well as for what i can do on the cricket field, you can take it for granted that i bat, bowl, field, keep, run, catch, dive and almost every thing except serving drinks to the players.........

world class gully cricketer

now dreaming big of playing under the LIGHTS.

Feb 7, 2010

18. 35/100 - a retrospection . . . ?

This one's an unexpected post, I'd never even thought I would be writing something about this someday, until a few days back when I bumped into a silly li'l situation at home. . . Its not about what's happening at the moment, not about what happened in the past but its a look at what would have happened IF WHAT had happened had not happened. . . . :)
This thought never crossed my mind even at that time, when I cleared my 7th semester Structures exam after as many as 8 attempts. . . . Today I am fortunate enough to have got a opportunity after my failure, but anyways it does not matter much in the context of the situation I am talking about. . . Its not about me or my structures exam, even though - Me - clearing structures itself is a story worth telling.

As I mentioned earlier, the thought crossed my mind at home, When i went for my lunch unlike any other day . . . I saw my sister's marks cards lying on the table in front of the TV, just picked them up and was seeing them, what I found then made me think now what if it would have been otherwise. I saw that she had secured above seventy percent in the 12th exams, which also helped her get through to engineering  college at my hometown . . . :) What I found interesting was that even though she had an overall percentage of about 70%, she'd only secure 35/100 in her Maths paper . . . which makes me wonder if that had been even 34 then things would have been a lot different . . . . Its that Hypothetical situation that crossed my mind then that I would like to talk about . . . How things would've been different for her and how it would have affected me. . .

As I imagine, It is in fact the FATE of most of the girls in our country who are allowed to go to school, by parents who think their daughters don't deserve to be educated. . . in such a scenario What If a girl, given the opportunity to go to School - Fails???? Fails to secure the minimum marks for her to be eligible to go to college. . . I see the possibilities are endless, but in the context which does not exist but still holds relevance as its my sister's. . . . I see that She may have been asked to discontinue her education and concentrated on my younger brother's schooling instead . . . She would've been married by now to a Groom from a SOUND Family - whose Qualification would not have had any significance though. . . Obviously we would've given a lot of dowry too, as the girl is not WELL EDUCATED. . . Now if she'd have been married then I would still be living in my Office, without making a home for Us to stay. . . My brother would still be at my native living with my parents. My parents wouldn't have had to go through the loneliness that they are going through now, But it does give them an opportunity to understand each other better. . . .

Only thing that makes sense is "WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW", what would've happened hold's no significance . . . She's fortunate of the fact that she secured 35/100, and  completed college with distinction and is now pursuing her masters. Hope many more girls continue to secure at least 35/100 and see where LIFE takes them, rather than FAIL, there's hardly a second chance especially if you are a GIRL . . . Though me n my sister shared a laugh at the "thought", We would never have got that chance to think had she failed ! ! ! !

If something more could be added to this I request the readers to post comments which I shall copy into the post at a later point in time . . . :)