Apr 4, 2011

comments please. . . .

Not that I care, what the world has to say about what I think but just for me to know that the world knows what I am talking about. I don't expect every tom dick n harry, who randomly comes across my page to post a comment on my blog. I know, I am one of the T D H s for them as well. But once they post their view, they no longer remain strangers, we shall find the comfort somewhere....

I know and I understand that, its a mess to have expectations, for it only gives rise to equal and opposite expectations at the other end.  Yeah I know, I Just tweaked newton's third law of motion a bit to make my own theory of relativity. . . . oops now that sounds like Einstein's also there as well. Don't worry, I will make you feel special. All I need is a little confirmation of the fact that somebody's reading what's up their on my blog. If you think typing is not your cup of tea, I suggest you to make clicking your cup of coffee. . . all that you may have to do is click a button at the end of the post. 

I sometimes try to be over smart, which most people who know me personally know, so if you don't like coffee for I have made the decoction to suit my taste buds. You'll have to make that li'l effort to say that coffee was not so great and you had to choose tea over it, to make your point clear. That should do for me. You know, I am also a hypocrite but with a difference- 'I accept it'. You see those three buttons at the bottom of my post will only read nice, very nice and very very nice. . . So if you don't like it at all, You have no other option but to go for the TEA. . .i mean type a comment, throw a few brickbats.....

Now if you fail to click one of those three options at the bottom of the post, it only makes me wonder, if no one ever read it, all the way to the end to notice those tiny li'l buttons- at all. In fact as I was typing I was stupid enough to think that the buttons should be shifted to the top of the post instead of being at the bottom. Can't help it.....that's where they have to be. . . . 

Ok, finally after all the bullshit that you had to go through, much like life itself,  to get here, all I would like to say is please do leave your comments if you don't like this too. . . . not that your comments are valuable but they are
What belongs to you is always priceless, price is always set by others. . .