Aug 26, 2013


forget all that i've ever said, its old and . . . i have something new!!!

i was wondering about time sometime back n wandered into a place where i realized that time is nothing but change. . . a change in what is. and that reinstates the line - time changes everything.

everyday when i look forward to another day i see that there's possibility of something new happening. new is not always to my liking and neither to my dislike. its only when it comes and goes that i know whether i liked it or not and by then it is already what happened and locked away in the past, the unchangeable. I can no longer look forward to seeing it again. what i can is look forward to what can happen to what has happened from here on.

We're are all heading towards a point in time. we know the point but not the time. not knowing it is as scary as knowing it!! 

I will be a storyteller and i will tell the story in the only way i know. and for that you got to wait for me to return. as you wait along look forward to a change! one tiny change at a moment and you'll have live a lifetime and by then even if it means you've reached that point in time you were always headed, you can surrender to the obvious! with peace! to be at peace!