Feb 14, 2010

20. uw Logo review by anna . . .

Here's small review of the logo of urbanwindows, before the final logo was published on the blog. I always wanted to discuss the UW logo with someone who's done logo and graphic design, before we finalised it but unfortunately when you are running your own practice, you have to make certain decisions your self . . . But to my rescue, there was "the man" who I had always admired after spending sometime on road with him on my first ROAD TRIP, to chennai n pondi. . . I had heard of his abilities and seen some of the graphics done by him while I was working at CnT, and when he came online the night before the day, I was to get the cards printed, I asked him if he could just give me his feedback on the logo, here's the excerpts from the conversation . . . :)

In fact I've informed anna about my intension of putting up the conversation on the blog which he had no objection, so I would like extend a heartfelt gratitude to "the man" . . . . Thanks Anna

hey, finally done with the logo. . .
karthik is not in germany... home now :): If a train is heading toward you, ignorance does not lead to bliss.
karthik: show. :)
yatish: I've mailed it . . . .
Feedback please. . . . its taken a lot of time to come up with this. . .
karthik: dude, its amazing. the logo is brilliant.
yatish: Really . . .
Wow, feels like its worth all the effort . . .
karthik: yes. i love the w with the cut.
especially the rounded edges and everything... really cool
dont use the transparent design studio thing tho' it makes it difficult to read.
yatish: Ok. . . . I'll bring space between the two then . . .
Thanks a lot man, What u said really means a lot. . . :)
karthik: and this shade of gray doesn't go well with the orange. experiment more with black.
but dude... logo... turned out perfect
yatish: I think I'll sit once again then before I print that . . .
karthik: do that. or take test prints. you will know exactly what needs to be added or changed
yatish: Its better that I talked to you now. . . . I've already given the prints,
but fortunately they told me to comeback on the morrow. . .
karthik: :) then next print run
now dont look back.
yatish: As u told the last time, logo design really gets to you,
especially if its for your own, I completely agreed. . .
Did almost 100 options . . . wanted something really simple . . .
this was IT. . . :)
karthik: :) the process is necessary tho'
yatish: yep, just realised that..... infact I finalized a few of them,
something was missing in them, maybe simplification . . .
Can I send few of them, let me know if this was in fact the best of the lot. . . .?
karthik: ofcourse.

karthik: what is the 002 logo about?

yatish: was for urban windows itself . . . was just trying something with
positive n negative spaces. . . .
karthik: i love it. but i am partial to black and white logos
yatish: name of the office is actually inspired by what
Charles Correa calls the windows in one of his building . . . .
karthik: :) its nice
yatish: but we refer urban with the context and windows with
thoughts or the Ideas that cross our mind. . . . :)
karthik: its a beautiful idea. you should write it down somewhere.
gives more meaning to what you do. plus reminds you of why you do it
yatish: that logo in particular was one of my favs but Akbar wasn't convinced -
but he reluctantly okayed it . . . . so sat back once again to come up with
what u saw as the final one. . .
thats rite, infact I am planning to put that whole idea on my blog. . . .
karthik: :)
it does take a little time to understand it.
yatish: wat u said is so true, reminds you of WHY you do it. . . .
karthik: but put it up on the urban windows website too
yatish: yes sure :)
will put it up on urbanwindows blog for now n when we go for the website
We'll sure get in touch with you . . . . :)
karthik: please do.
if you need anything dont hesitate to get in touch.
yatish: will remember that . . . :)
karthik: :)
the final UWcard n logo that was published on the blog, is the revised one based on the feedback from anna, thanks for the generous feedback.

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