Feb 14, 2010

19. long long ago . . . not so long ago

This something which I've been posting all my other social network sites which I am following, so most of the people would be aware of this. . . . I just thought that it might be nice put all the things about myself at one place than scatter them all around. What's below, was an attempt to keep myself actively connected with the people at CnT, where I work for sometime, so that they don't forget a specimen like me existed amongst them . . . :)

Dear Sir,

In response to the advertisement on times of india yesterday, day before yesterday and every other day i'm sending you my CV to play cricket at the newly lit cnt cricket grounds.

aim: To represent CnT cricket team in the upcoming IPL under LIGHTS here there every where.


i'm playing gully cricket for the past 12 years. and i was the only player in my village to have a cricket bat 15 years ago.

i made my debut on the streets of indiranagar in summer of 1996

i still hold the record for the longest boundary ever scored in that road.

i played cricket in the PU class team and faced the trials for the College TEAM selections and gave it up because it was for the hard ball. i only like soft ball.

then i went on to play in the studios of UVCE school of architecture for FIVE years with other players like AKBAR AND SAVAN who went on to play professional Cricket for CnT CATS.

then i played at the CnT cricket grounds for almost a year and took VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT from PROFESSIONAL CRICKET as there was no light in the evening sessions.

NOW that the lights have been installed at the CnT Cricket grounds I would like to know if there is an OPPRTUNITY for A PLAYER of my CALIBRE..........................

well as for what i can do on the cricket field, you can take it for granted that i bat, bowl, field, keep, run, catch, dive and almost every thing except serving drinks to the players.........

world class gully cricketer

now dreaming big of playing under the LIGHTS.

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