Feb 7, 2010

18. 35/100 - a retrospection . . . ?

This one's an unexpected post, I'd never even thought I would be writing something about this someday, until a few days back when I bumped into a silly li'l situation at home. . . Its not about what's happening at the moment, not about what happened in the past but its a look at what would have happened IF WHAT had happened had not happened. . . . :)
This thought never crossed my mind even at that time, when I cleared my 7th semester Structures exam after as many as 8 attempts. . . . Today I am fortunate enough to have got a opportunity after my failure, but anyways it does not matter much in the context of the situation I am talking about. . . Its not about me or my structures exam, even though - Me - clearing structures itself is a story worth telling.

As I mentioned earlier, the thought crossed my mind at home, When i went for my lunch unlike any other day . . . I saw my sister's marks cards lying on the table in front of the TV, just picked them up and was seeing them, what I found then made me think now what if it would have been otherwise. I saw that she had secured above seventy percent in the 12th exams, which also helped her get through to engineering  college at my hometown . . . :) What I found interesting was that even though she had an overall percentage of about 70%, she'd only secure 35/100 in her Maths paper . . . which makes me wonder if that had been even 34 then things would have been a lot different . . . . Its that Hypothetical situation that crossed my mind then that I would like to talk about . . . How things would've been different for her and how it would have affected me. . .

As I imagine, It is in fact the FATE of most of the girls in our country who are allowed to go to school, by parents who think their daughters don't deserve to be educated. . . in such a scenario What If a girl, given the opportunity to go to School - Fails???? Fails to secure the minimum marks for her to be eligible to go to college. . . I see the possibilities are endless, but in the context which does not exist but still holds relevance as its my sister's. . . . I see that She may have been asked to discontinue her education and concentrated on my younger brother's schooling instead . . . She would've been married by now to a Groom from a SOUND Family - whose Qualification would not have had any significance though. . . Obviously we would've given a lot of dowry too, as the girl is not WELL EDUCATED. . . Now if she'd have been married then I would still be living in my Office, without making a home for Us to stay. . . My brother would still be at my native living with my parents. My parents wouldn't have had to go through the loneliness that they are going through now, But it does give them an opportunity to understand each other better. . . .

Only thing that makes sense is "WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW", what would've happened hold's no significance . . . She's fortunate of the fact that she secured 35/100, and  completed college with distinction and is now pursuing her masters. Hope many more girls continue to secure at least 35/100 and see where LIFE takes them, rather than FAIL, there's hardly a second chance especially if you are a GIRL . . . Though me n my sister shared a laugh at the "thought", We would never have got that chance to think had she failed ! ! ! !

If something more could be added to this I request the readers to post comments which I shall copy into the post at a later point in time . . . :)


  1. if you havn't already seen.....you should watch the butterfly effect....really interesting movie...goes with the theme of your above post...

  2. i've seen that, I know exactly what you mean . . . Its just one of those thoughts, WHAT IF ???

  3. btw - should I consider that the post is also really interesting . . . :) since the movie is such . . .