Jan 3, 2010

10. Golden quadrilateral . . . .

What I found in the recent trek with a friend of mine, is that to enjoy the ride - all you need is a good company. Ullas - Ullu as I call him was one hell of a company. That does not mean, I did not enjoy my earlier bike rides. This blog is not about the trek that we actually did. Its about the one that WE MUST do.

Today I read in the newspaper about a couple of friends who were planning to ride the golden quadrilateral in less than 100 hrs. I want this blog to be a reminder for me, to make our own ride on the golden Quadrilateral but a ride unlike the one these guys are planning - a one the is not TIME BOUND.

In fact, Ullu actually had this plan of hitting the GQ someday, I decided to be part of this venture while returning from the ride to Kumaraparvatha hills - a good ride of about 650 Kms. But Why Ullu of all the people I know, It was quite simple - all the others Who I think can be part of this journey are Married or planning to get married . . . . There it ends.

Now....Waiting for the day when I pack my bags in the middle of yet another night, hit the road on my Bike on a journey to discover more of myself . . . . . or should I say Ourselves. Now that the plan is ready, there's a small glitch - TIME.

As i am publishing this post - what I did not realize is that Its My first Blog of this Year - my best wishes to all, Hope every thing works out well for every one - starting from me Obviously. I was very eager to write about my Bike trip to KP hills before the new year but again ,as always the problem was the same - TIME. May be before the memories of the trip fades in time, I shall make time to write the experience of one my best bike trips till date.


  1. i would love to join u guys...ullu also told me bout d trek...but i cant mKE IT...:(N D REASON THEJ N ULLU NO..:(INFACT MOST OF DEM NO..:)ANY WAYZ AL D BEST NJOY...:)

  2. Sure mate, Do join us if things go rite from wrong. . . .