Jan 11, 2010

14. somethIngs on My mind, itS ToO heavy and I'm feeliNg light, guEss what the heck in the worlD is that.......

will elaborate on this ASAP. . . .


  1. hi Yatisa....
    if i could explain this sentence with context to Architecture,
    Sometimes my mind is heavely filled with ideas which makes me feel happy and light, that surviving in this world is just a bliss :)

    Nikhila K N

  2. thats nice, I wasn't expecting someone to compare with Architecture, Now I'll hold on the elaboration for sometime, so that I get to know wat's on readers' mind, before I let them know Wat It actually is. . . .Ullu please SHUT UP!

  3. ahemmm ... should i be commenting on this ? i am sure i'll win :P wat say yathu ?