Jan 9, 2010

12. Madness . . . .

Sometimes when I feel things are not going the way I want them to, the option that comes to my mind is to go away from all the things around Me at that point in time. I understand that it would be nice to keep things short for holding the attention of the reader, but I guarantee you that this is not going to be a short and sweet affair. Its that part of my life where for once, there were a lot of things happening around me and none of those things were fascinating enough to keep me going on accepting WHAT they threw at me. It was a time when I had to turn my back at the situation, the situation that took me nowhere. . . .

I shall elaborate a lot more on the situation and the frame of mind at that point in time, as I write along . . . . This is not a story that I am about to share with you, its an experience of How i traversed time from frustration to liberation. . . . Liberation of the mind form being bogged down by the pressures of having to do things the way they meant to be done. . . . Meant to be done the way someone had managed to do and a few others thought it was "THE WAY" the things have to be done. . . . I wanted this write-up to be my first one for the new year - 2010, but unfortunately to share what a free mind went through in those two days of TIME TRAVEL, I needed to be free, free from the realities, the very same realities that forced me to liberate myself. I wanted my mind to be in absolute solitude while I write this - about the journey of liberation of a incarcerated mind. . . . Yep, today as I am writing this, sitting at my office in the same company as Who I will be talking about in the course of this write-up, I am in a state of momentary solitude.

As for what I will be writing in here now, I may not be able to assure you the complete picture not because I am in momentary solitude not in an absolute one. . . but you'll sure get a glimpse of what you can expect as a Sequel, if I may call it, whenever I feel like adding to what I have already shared. What I am sharing with you is a small insight, that i have prepared, while sitting alone at a corner table looking at all the people, Who I think need the same BREAK as I had just come back from, at the Kalmane Koffees. . . . Kalmane Koffees is one of those rare places in Bangalore where I can find solitude, Solitude not just while sitting alone at the coffee shop, but also in the wake of being surrounded by the stares of strangers looking at me as though i am being an ALIEN in my own town, just because I am sitting alone. I remember telling a friend of mine, that I can find solitude in the busiest street in Bangalore,I also remember saying that Being alone is not solitude. . . As I've already mentioned before, another place in town, where I am One with MYSELF is my OFFICE, the office of Urban Windows. We practice architecture, at least We think so, at the moment.

Finally coming to the point in discussion, I would like to break the journey of Self liberation of two Minds trying to break free from the jinx of realities that the SO called Civilised society throws at you into the following parts, If I may call them as chapters. . . .

chapter one - 3 Idiots
chapter two - time of contemplation
chapter three - the decision
chapter four - madness - the journey did begin finally
chapter 5 - the ride and the events
tea at 5 am on mysore road
nice ride on the NICE road
breakfast at ossoor coffee estates - WOW
a nap on the shiradi ghat - national highway
final stretch and the destination
chapter 6 - preparation for the ascent
and most importantly what ....we forgot
chapter 7 - people on the trek
chapter eight - high on the high mountains
chapter nine - bhattara mane[Bhat's House]
chapter ten - food, rain, headache, sleep, shelter, lost CONTACT
chapter 11 - wake up to the song by Alaka
chapter 12 - GOOD morning KP
chapter 13 - lost path
chapter 14 - finally met them - they started last night before our madness even began
chapter 15 - RUN, RUN, RUN - pushing the limit
chapter 16 - philosophy at the top - thoughts of a free mind
chapter 17 - running back into the woods
chapter 18 - meet the freinds and the strangers
chapter 19 - time for contemplation
chapter 20 - yet another decision
chapter 21 - return to the madness, new exploration on a different route
chapter 22 - butterflies, no vehicles, moving mountains, two mad minds in search liberation
chapter 23 - new found places and the ELATION of the mind on finding them
chapter 24 - back to where we belong - REALITY STRIKES and STRIKES HARD . . . .


  1. maY bE i"m tH firSt one tO reaD this.....
    bt truSt me bRo yO ahV gOt tH grEateSt calibEr oF narRatin sumThin...
    keeP writiN..

  2. @ vasanthi.. i don know if he's got d best caliber but im sure wen he does something it is 2 d best of HIS caliber(1 of d best things about him)

    wat is admirable in most of ur blogs is tat though u exagerate alot, at places u absolutely leave it 2 d readers 2 imagine/ assume a few things which will make them think/ virtual experience...its nice tat way...

    cheers yatish... keep writing...

  3. thanx to both the girls for the words of encouragement, that'll keep me going for some more time. . . . .

    Vasu, don't exagerate to an extent where its hard to believe, I'll still get you the chocs when I come home. . . I'll try definitely try not to dissappoint you. . .

    Navya, I take that as a compliment, I believe that a reader needs to be taken into the world where the writers' been n let the reader see what could be there for themselves . . . . My resources for writing is very limited n I work within that to try n keep the reader intereseted till the point of Impact . . . I not even sure if there is a point of impact at all also . . . readers are the best judge of that :)

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  5. Thanks for the support, I appreciate that but I think the comments posted by the readers will help me in one way and only one way, that is I know some body is reading them, I am not writing to impress upon the Reader, I write only because I've gone through these things n I feel like writing them. . .

  6. sorry navya, no offense intended . . . .just told wat i felt like saying. U don't have to delete ur comment for that. . . .

  7. wops..... he he .... i dint get offended at all... wat hv u told 4 me 2 get offended...