Dec 18, 2009

9. My Inbox . . . .

These are the msges in my inbox since along time . . . I thought I'll put them up on the blog so that I can clean up my Inbox. most of these msges are stored from the time I had my first phone, which means they are important for some reason or the other. . . I may not be posting the date on which I received these mails . . . . some of them are forwards which I like n some were part of some conversations n some were just msges . . .
Starting from the oldest to the most recent of the msges that find a place in my Inbox. . . .
  • Dharmali said cool to Safron. Gangarelations - CnT Kavya
  • My CoA reg no. Is CA/2007/40698 – Akbar
  • Yatish, where is the detailed furniture and fixtures list, floor wise for Hi-style? Why are you taking so long – Shyam Sir
  • Yatish, every thing is getting delayed in spite of three people working on this. Why are u not taking things seriously? – Shyam Sir
  • , – Client Sajeev
  • Wall paper catalogue names – Eco Respekt, Borastapeter Passion n palin stripes, Eco Artist, Eco nina Jobs – Four D Ashritha
  • TIN 29230789126 – client GA Pravin
  • Hi there, For any medical emergencies like hospitals, Blood banks, Ambulance Services Call 69999999, Repeat 69999999. They instantly connect you to the right providers. This 24 hrs, free of cost emergency service is brought to you by JUSTDIAL.COM. Save this No. Now & forward this to people u care. I just DID – Just Dial
  • Good news – our National anthem has been selected as world’s best National Anthem by UNESCO. . . Pass this to all Indians. Proud to be an Indian – CnT Kiran.
  • College days have gone and work will always go on . . . its time to breathe life, talk abt d happiest days of all our lives and live back . . . fwd, remind, drag but make sure all our friends make it to college to make past a part of the present and celebrate our reunion tmrw – col Mueen
  • Clark Kent is who I am, Superman is wat I DO – Akbar
  • Dear Friends/Sir, Please note these are my new numbers. 9480094741, 9916095275, Landline – 080-26753754, please update your contact, Thanks – Dr. Mahesh
  • Sardar – All over my body, Where ever I press with my finger I have Pain. Doctor – Suggested sardar 2 take whole body Scan. . . . Result of Scan found – Finger Fractured, GN – 9342194399
  • It would make more sense if the life cycle was all backwards... lets assume...! die 1st n get death out of d way.. den live in an old age home with pension... u get your PF n start workin... u work for 4oyrs until u’r young enf 2 enjoy retirement. . . U party, n get ready 4 highschool, Den U bcum a kid, play, hav. . . . Incomplete Msg – Col Navya
  • Beautiful Quote – Its always in the end of something that You realise how beautiful was the beginning . . . . – Col Navya
  • Your bill dated 12th mar of Rs. 5791 has been generated and is due on 1 april. The bill will be despatched shortly and you receive it by 23rd march – Airtel
  • Good Evening. We have launched a new offr, Happy Hours between 10 am to 3 pm from Monday to frida. Whoever walks in these hours would get flat 20% off on all our Services. This is for limited period only. CUTTING EDGE Salon N Spa – JAY
  • Hey Thanks Macha. My move now is quite clear. M gonna apply to all good architects and kick start my Career. Now, in three days I'm a portfolio and giving it a shot! Will meet you in college if you're gonna be down. . . - Akbar
  • Thank You, Much obliged by. we r graced by your absence. :)
  • Every Peter says he's not peter. I'm sorry for not participating in this healthy conversation. Got work to do - Akbar
  • May be the one who's bundled out his beliefs, only to realise that the opportunity is the most important thing to put things in the right perspective. . . . The one who believes his best is yet to come and believes his next my be his best . . . Could he just be the good architect we are looking at . . . Yatisa
  • I've mailed you the details of M.S. to your mail ID . . . please check it up when u have time - Putti
  • Please Call Immediately - 9902735555
  • Hello friend, this is very imp. U people must be aware of Chandamama magazine. Our very own childwood story books with lots of beautiful paintings n stories. Wat am tryin to say is if V need all the copies of this startin from 1947. V need to order for a print... N to do this Chandamama guys need min. of 100 ppl when I had contacted them. So pls if any one interested let me know so they can print copies for us since they don't have hard copy of this. . . . - Vinay
  • once upon a time, in nazi occupied france, activate, infiltrate, exterminate, you haven't seen war, until you've seen it through the eyes of Quentine Tarantino. there r no crimes behind enemy lines. a basterds work is never done. august 21 2009. the germans will be sickened by us, the german will talk about us, and the german will fear us. nazi ain't got no humanity, they need to be destroyed. - Akbar
  • Wish U - Happy Ugadi to u n ur family - Shimoga Subbana
  • Please save my second no. +91 (867466456q35). If my fone is not reachable. please don't forward this to others. - CnT kiran
  • Prithvi - 9844541536 - Col Navya
  • Hi Putta, Putti here, This is my new No. Please save this. - Putti
  • a word to say, a word to hear, even in your absence i feel u near, our relation is strong, hope it goes long, we remain good friends till life goes on.... - four D ashritha
  • Agar good morning ho saktha hai, good afternoon ho saktha hai, good evening aur good night bhi ho saktha hai tho good friday kyu nahi . . . CnT Mehul
  • Yathis, I have sent revised Quote which I added glass shelf bracket for the central Display, Please send PO as per that list . . . Thanks Kano. - Four D Murali
  • U owe me 450+ 500+ 50+ 60+ 10= 1070. Plus service charges extra. but Since U cannot afford the services of god. The god will decide what u have to do in return. forms given to your sister. - Akbar
  • Zumthor won his Pritzker this time. - Savan
  • I'm waiting to c which guy you'll get married to . . . mostly Akbar only Na, but poor thing akbar, there are so many girls fida on him but he's still loyal to you . Learn. - Col Navya
  • I'm waiting to c which guy you'll get married to . . . mostly Akbar only Na, but poor thing akbar, there are so many girls fida on him but he's still loyal to you . Learn, Call after reading this, I'm sure u know this . . . I'm not GAY. - Akbar
  • A fool becomes intelligent - when he understands he's a fool. A genius becomes a fool - when he believes that hes Genius . . . think twice - Col Navya
  • You disrespect me by not picking my call. U r fired as the director of the office of the metropolitan of the Naagarika Kitakigalu

I'll add more msges in some time - but for now this is it - Got to have lunch now, also work.


  1. Nice to see some of the most memorable quotes, Especially the peter one, Me firing you,my act of god, and obviously me not being gay.......

    Somethings to cherish abt....

  2. nice to see some of the most memorable quotes, especially the life cycle one, the past and the present, prithvi's number, and obviously akbar being the gay..........
    something to cherish abt....

  3. Grow up apoorva..... Akbar - unfortunate that I don't have the other part of the conversation where we spoke about Roark n Peter, that was nice of u to fire me when I wasn't part of Urban kitakis, well obviously u r not Gay, well I hope so - Navya - If they weren't something to cherish about they wouldn't have found a place in my INBOX for that long. . . . Thanks guys for the comments. . . . keep them coming