Oct 26, 2012

did you guys miss ME! ! !

hmmmm!!!! hello folks. i am back after a long, in fact a really long hiatus. I am now here and don't know for how long, so as long as i am here, i am here to chill. I have got loads to share. i mean LOADS. I returned from a long ride across the country from the lowest plains to the worlds highest motor-able road. Yes we did it! from kanyakumari to kardungla. one month of rigorous riding in rain, shine and also in some pain. hmmm. . . I had a wonderful[cliche] time shooting pictures from 0 level to the top of the world.

And thus photography is what i am now trying see in a different perspective. what nonsense? I know!!!! what different perspective can there be to what you see in a photograph?! hmmm i realized it last night. In a conversation with a dancer, in the middle of a cold winter night at my home on the terrace. And he made an interesting comparison between a photographer and an artist. A photographer can reflect back what's for real while an artist is privileged to pick n choose what he wants from the reality to showcase. A photographer can NOT ignore the reality in which he's a part of while fantasizing while an artist can NOT be attached to the reality to fantasize. and THUS you have a frame.

Now the interesting part. Now there's a frame. I remember him telling me, how awe struck he was when he went to paris and saw monalisa! It was not what he saw in monalisa that caught his attention but the large painting opposite of her. It was colossal. That was art! for him. He wondered why monalisa was more famous than what he thought was a better artistic expression, staring at the frame opposite her. 'May be that's precisely what monalisa herself is wondering staring at that painting on the opposite wall and thinking - why you all jimmies staring at me', i told him.

The audience cannot expect anything from a painting, it has to be accepted the way its presented. Nothing is for real. At the most you can 'try', to imagine what went through the artist's mind while he stroked what you are staring at. just try! You're entitled to let you fantasy fly. But when you look into a picture you find yourself in a much easier place to be. You seem to believe this frame could have been better, the photographer could have done a li'l better with a li'l adjustment here n there. But who would ever understand and accept that the photographer was at that moment, in a position to just be able to do what you're looking at, nothing better nothing worse. If he could've done anything different you'd be staring at something entirely different.

Awwww w w w Reality ! ! ! ! 

OOOhhh h h h h Fantasy ! ! ! !

that's all folks ! ! ! ! !

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