Dec 8, 2012

two worlds . . . .

a moment here and a moment there, a step here and a step there. . . . thats how i live in a world of my own, can also be read a fantasy and real world . . . . .
if somebody gave me choice to pick one and leave the other, will i ever be able to make that call. i don't know. i can never be sure. why would i spend a moment here and a moment there. may be its because you need both in equal measure or else, one would never have fantasized or he who fantasizes may have never returned. with every passing moment we seek something, not really sure if we are sure of what we're seeking but nevertheless we seek. Its more of a question. until you find or get an answer, you can take solace in the other world.

BS. . . I know ! ! !

now if i end up posting this

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