Jul 9, 2014

random ramblings!!!

i don't know why i felt like posting something on my blog today after a long gap in time. in that long gap in time there have been experiences beyond comprehension, memories unforgettable, happiness inexplicable and a journey beyond horizons both in the physical and the the surreal realms. but this is just going to be about this very moment.

a moment that's being spent in waiting. . .
a moment that coming and going. . .
a moment!!!

the body and the spirit are in unison and are wandsering together, its a good sign. a good sign to continue doing things i am doing. a good sign to just sit back and wonder at all things which matter and those which are inconsequential. a good sign indeed to just continue to dream! and an even better sign to continue to live!

oh shit, did this moment just change from good to better! now i am in no position to evaluate if this is a good sign or a better sign. but nevertheless its a good sign, for moments are only getting better with every passing moment. and like all things good or bad, i know very well about the trajectory of the path i am on. its on the rise and will rise and rise and then the inevitable will take over. THE FALL! it starts with the moment turn from best sign in sight to this is a bad sign. then it takes the downward spiral. the free fall that seems endless, infinite down a bottomless hole into the abyss of nothingness. it is in this moment of nothingness that we are once again free to do anything!

but here's a moment that's getting better and better with every passing moment. there will be a sign when the moment is no longer getting any better and it in this that moment, that i will . . . FREEZE! I will walk out of the frame! it will forever remain a moment i can walk in and out at my will!

i will not allow it to get any worse! i will not allow it to change form one state to another! i will fight the one thing and only one thing that i am not supposed to resist - the change. I will fight in a losing cause!!! i will fight against all odds! i will fight the odds!!!

and in these thoughts i spent that moment!

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