Sep 16, 2013

in the afterlife!

our spirit has this tendency to leave the body when it finds the body in the middle of a wrong place, its important that the body follows the spirit or the spirit is in love with the bodY!!
and that's a state of nirvana!

there was a reason i started writing! i felt like it! i just felt like writing what i loved to read!
no wonder i haven't written anything in a while!

on a date with a woman who loved her EGO!

"This Manifesto is not issued in the name of an organization or a movement. I speak only for myself. There is no romantic movement today. If there is to be one in the art of the future, this book will have helped it to come into being."

ayn rand

chase the mavericks n live like jay!

 i now know what it feels like to fulfill one of those things 'to do before you die'. . . what i learned will only make my list a li'l longer!!! lifw is way too long to have a very short list of things to do!!!
will brag on my blog, whatever else i have to say!

 hmmm. . . whenever it is that i sleep tonight, i will sleep like the dead and if and when i wake up, it will be my afterlife!!!

what you are about to read is being written now following a time that led me here. how? is explained in the lines above! 

there are things you have to do and things you want to do! and then there are things you always wanted to do. this is not about those 'things' but doing. yesterday was one such day when the universe conspired as they say to give me that opportunity to live a dream. 

you can't make an opportunity but when that opportunity comes to you you just have to do it! not everything will be perfectly set. you may not be ready for it just yet. but there's no other time that's best for you to do it than right now! for you know when its not done now you will eventually give up on that dream or wait for another opportunity when everything is perfectly set for you to do it! there's no such time. there's no feeling better than doing it the first time for you are going to be giving it your all against all odds. you may not be the best at all times but this one time you will be at your best for if tomorrow never comes you'll not be saying to yourself, i should've done it, that day. 

once you do it, there's a sense of peace that your mind embraces and is never going to make you think of doing the same thing again and if your best is all that was necessary, then opportunity will find you and you don't have to wait! 

here in comes to play our desire to want more of what we always wanted to do, after you do it for the first time. and especially when you've got a reason to believe that you are as good as you always thought you are, thus having that urge all along to do it at-least just once! you 'll now want to do it better but more importantly you want to do it again! and again! from being one of those 'things to do' before you die, it elevates itself to being the only thing you don't mind doing it for the rest of your life. and of course, why not?! 

but this too shall end! and then what? have you got any more things to do, that you always wanted to do for now you can no longer do that other thing you always wanted to do.

yes that is all about it! now coming to the writing part of it, it still doesn't seem like its me writing it unless i write everything i feel like writing, without stopping myself from writing, while writing in search of meaning. much like how i wrote the last line! i don't care if i don't get another day when i get to do that thing i have already done even if it is something that i have always wanted to do, at least once. for that night of the day i did what i always wanted to do, i chose to sleep like i was dead and when i woke up in my afterlife i know i have many more things that i always wanted to do! until then i have other mundane things that i have to do in order to get there. and once again, i will sleep like the dead! see you on the flip-side of death! catch you in my afterlife!

 for now i wonder what you feel like to be reading a memoir of a man waking up in his afterlife! :P

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