Feb 21, 2012

so long and so little. . . .

long refers to time and little refers to what's done. . . if blog-space is a place to indicate or reflect what's done or being done by one in a period of time, then here's the truth - for so long its only so little.

all that's been done, sometimes cannot be judged by the visible evidence, for at times you cannot show it. It takes just a little longer even if what's done is so little . . .sometimes its just worth the wait. . .  like we wait for another day to dawn, to be lived.
We don't wait or live in the hope of dying tomorrow. Do we? Am I being too optimistic in believing that there are others like me who believe there's hope of tomorrow? I live in the hope of living tomorrow, for I cannot live life like its my last day. I for one, cannot imagine myself living every passing day like its my last day. I for one, cannot live a hopeless life. I for one cannot live in hopelessness. . . and so, in the hope of  all the tomorrows to come - so long from now there will be so much. . . . DONE!!!!

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