Mar 6, 2011

9 -11

Its not the normal way that i write the date, usually I would choose to write 11 sept 2010. But this particular date has attained a celebrity status because its an important day to the Americans. . . .

Today is an important and auspicious day to the people who follow the faiths of Hinduism and Islam. I am not sure what I am about to write. this is all that struck me when I wrote the date. may be I was just concerned about the auspiciousness of the day than the importance given to it for what happened in america. This day that year.What happened in america is non of my business just like how what happened in India on 26-11 is not theirs. Today is Ganesh chaturthi and Ramzan. . . . In INDIA and the world over.

An interesting story about Ganesh chaturthi just crossed my mind. I had heard of it as a kid. I am just going with the flow, nothing is planned. According to the Hindu mythology, its a curse to see the moon, while in Islam the followers have to see the moon to break their fast, if I am not wrong. NOW, I wonder if all the muslims are going to be cursed this ganesh chathurthi or if all the Hindus who see the moon can take refuge in Islam for a day. . . .

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