Sep 16, 2010

how i unblocked my mind. . . . . .

Last things first, This this the last thing which struck me before i publish this post. Before I typed all this which you may read in a while, I never knew the possibilities. In the mean time while I typed all this shit, Ullas came up with some awesome watercolor paintings off which I may flick one and clip it on to my gallery. . . . He's an artist of another kind and i own a gallery of another kind.

Just an hour ago, I was going through a mind block and now i'm high on thoughts.

I just killed all the lies with just a few lines of words which were put together in a way to make no sense to anyone. I successfully separated the lies and the truth. A divorce of sorts. It does not matter if what i said is right or wrong. They are true, no matter what.

That is probably the power of what one feels. Then I learned a lesson or two about feelings. . . . Feelings are better than the form they take. I can surrender myself to the millions of words in the English dictionary to describe that feeling and the form. I hardly know a few, the very few i know at this moment and a few which I may learn as I learn to live while I continue to live.

While trying to overcome the mind block I realized something about 'the moment'. How a moment comes to exist and and how it ends. A moment is neither a scalar nor a vector quantity. . . It cannot be gauged by time. The moment lived 'now' continues to exist for as long as you find another moment to replace the last. I will write about all that and more someday when i am low on thoughts, for today is dedicated to remind me of what to write on that someday.

Also realized, how being an architect, I would end up living the lives of all the different kinds of people who come to me to design for them. I've to live their life to know their way of life to design something that would suit them to live or I will have failed myself as an architect. In doing so, the only time outside of the time when I get to live my life as an architect might be between 40 and 50, i am just predicting, they are just numbers, when i get to design my own House. Don't try to even imagine for a moment how my way of life would be unless i come to you to design my house..... 

This is the second time i tried the same trick to come out of the mind block. While the first time I thought the same state as being a 'writer's block'. Any person doing any work, when he is stuck for ways to do things is called 'his block'. . . . When you are designing something and stuck then you can call it a 'designer's block' . . . . What I realized today is that, every time its was 'the mind block', irrespective of what you are trying to do. I cracked it and its flowing out in all directions and here's where i am trying to gather them.

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