Mar 14, 2010

27. So many dots . . . . . . . :)

. . . . . Oops so many of them . . . . yeah, all these dots, yep, I mean all the dots I've used everywhere . . . . if I never meant any of these dots I wouldn't have used them, seriously . . . . Since I use them so very often, suddenly I found that there were too many dots on my blog. . . Here's why there are so many dots. . . . . when there are a few dots following a sentence then it only means that I would still mean to say a li'l more and since the post are already long I rather use dots to say the rest . . . so more dots would mean lots to say and hence you'll never find any of my posts ending with just a single dot . . . . . . a dot is always followed by a few more dots . . .

P.S. - this is not the continuation of the previous post . . . its only to acclamatise the reader to the dots . . . . lots of them . . . . :)

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Nobody uses anything in their piece of creation for nothing.
    Artists and Architects alike. Every line, scratch or a dot in this/any case has a meaning of its existence within its context. It is the observer's mind or the reader's mind which has to capture such normality or abnormalities of an Art work and appreciate it(whether it's writing or painting or sculpting or Architecture). Isn't it why Art readers, Art critics, Art journalists are paid a bomb. To decode the code and make it understand to the masses.
    They say "It takes a real intellect for a human-being to decode both the code of your art as well as your money-deposit locker" Ex: Sherlock Holmes. :)