Mar 22, 2018

the clock is ticking but i can't quite feel the time!

its so fucking easy to erase it all, if you don't fucking like it! you don't even leave a trace of what you just thought...i mean can you believe it, what you are reading is being typed over what i just backspaced to start over just because i didn't like it or may be not because i did not like it but just like that, may be that wasn't what i wanted to share....and amazingly i don't even know if this also something that i would like to share or not ..........

and if you've read that before reading this, then i guess that is also part of what i want to share. I think that is not the most important thing i wish to share but it is just a part of the greater whole. 

I opened my blog after a really really long time and i found this sitting in my drafts, today as i read through the post i found nothing that i could connect with the moment gone. there is no reference to the events of that moment that triggered me to say all that i have said, and i guess, memories need reminders too. it must have had something to do with time and definitely not the clocks but most importantly it must have had something to do with what i wanted to do in the time that i was and is so inconsiderately spending.

as i sit in one of the old film studios in bangalore. while the sound of hammers striking nails into the wood rise like thunder on a monsoon evening, i choose to leave a gentle reminder for the future to remember this day when i look back. 

i feel like this is more like a reminder left in the past for the future, that is today for me to realise that i have had this feeling a long time ago, that time is finite and my time is running out ever so quickly than ever before! i guess, everything eventually falls in place. so will time!

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