Feb 14, 2013

Crossroads and a wrong turn!

how often do you intentionally take a wrong turn? especially when you know where you're headed! well, its been quite some time now since i intentionally took a wrong turn and still enjoyed it. i enjoyed it 'cos it was intentional in the first place, i knew i wasn't missing anything at any turn i was to take. my destination was where i would be at the end of the ride. oh boy! what a place it was to be! every wrong turn was a right turn, when its intentional! now i wish to ride again in all the turns i never took at every crossroad on that day! intentionally!

but the question is- what do you do when you unintentionally take a wrong turn?!

you don't know it yet that the turn you just took is a wrong turn. you don't know yet that the road you're on is taking you far away from your destination. you're now, no longer familiar with the landscape that's welcoming you around every corner. and every corner turns out to be a nightmare of your worst fears! how long would you go on, on the same road that's scaring the shit out of you, with every turn turning out to be wrong, no matter how much you hope it leads you back in the right direction. and you're losing time!

the question is what do you do?! NOW! you're now far and deep into the wrong route and everything you needed is moving in the right direction while you're the only one stranded on a road unknown. what do you do?!!! huh! tough choice this. if everything you ever needed to go on was on this wrong route, you wouldn't have had a second thought of what you need to do now! everything you need is on another road and moving ahead in the right direction and here you are, with every inch you move and every turn you take, heading further and farther from what you need to go. what do you do NOW?!

you're now at another crossroad now! this unlike all other roads you took to get here doesn't physically exist. its the choice you have to make in your own mind. how do you make it all right? can you? will you make a choice to move ahead picking yourself up in the unknown road or would you choose to return to the right route? do you still believe everything you ever needed would still be there when you return? if not, would you have the energy and the time to ride faster than you had to, to catch up with everything you need to go on! ! ! ! 
 oooohh ohho ohh ohh wait wait! ! ! wait!
its not that easy after all. not if you make a choice to return, you need to know the first wrong turn you made and more importantly all other turns you took unaware of where they're taking you. 

and thus when you know all the wrong routes you took to get here and you know you have the energy and the time on your side to ride faster to catch up with all that's gone ahead in the right direction, its here at this crossroad that you take a U-TURN and return to another crossroad where you made the first wrong turn. if this is the choice you make, your first crossroad now becomes your 'new destination'! 
new destination of the same old ride! 
and when you do make that choice to return, you will know that you wouldn't need the energy and the time you had thought you would need when you made the decision 'cos without you, everything you needed too cannot go too far ahead!!! it'll all be stranded at that very crossroad! your new destination!
hope after all is not a bad thing and being hopelessly hopeful is . . . . ?! your ride will tell and you'll know!!!


  1. Yes indeed.... extremely well said... and also i feel there is nothing wrong in asking your passerby like we do in reallity to lead us to the right path when we are lost... one should realize people are here to help.. the only thing is that you need to know your destination.... :)
    Nice writeup Anna...