Apr 2, 2010

about "Truth and . . . "

Its been a while since I wrote something on the blog. Here's one that's more of continuation of the frame of mind on the same day as the thought of Gandhi hit me. . . its about truth, its got nothing to do with lies, and what i am writing are only facts that "i think". . .

Following up from where i stopped last time [referring to Gandhian principles], one of the main preachings of the man was to be truthful. But on a contradictory note, when you are truthful of your actions then I suppose there isn't any opportunity to improvise upon your action. Your conscience is clear, the action is done and the mind moves on to the next. If on the other hand you're being untruthful then the case is extremely interesting, your conscience's ever aware of your actions, it pricks you every time you are faced with another situation, Your past follows you. . . . You are never left to be alone, you are made to be accountable at every instance. . . . You have to be more creative to construct upon your earlier actions around the situations, under which you made those actions. . . .

Truth has no other side to it, nor to the situations around it, everything around it is Constrained. . . . You achieve a sense of freedom, at the same time you lose your options to defend your truthful actions. at times truth hurts too . . .

When it comes to being untruthful, your choices are always open to build your stories around the situations. You have the liberty to even manipulate the situation to accommodate your actions. [I did not want to elaborate more than a page but I am still unable to explore the clarity between being - truthful and Untruthful. . . ]

Being truthful makes you stronger but its easier to be lovable by being untruthful. Remember I said Truth hurts at times. . . Truth is unconnected with the emotions of the people. . . therefore me, being truthful can be a hurtful prospect for someone else at the receiving end of the truth. But, given an opportunity to manipulate the truth around the situation, it gives me an opportunity to make an emotional connect with the "other" at the same time having a sense of being truthful, than being otherwise. . . :)

Another interesting aspect about truth that I feel strongly is that TRUTH is very vulnerable, It is a fluid that takes the shape of its container. . . the result of a truthful act is what you portray it as, in front of you. . . . Also remember that truthfulness has got nothing to do with being right and wrong. Everyone is right in their own perspective and in their own analysis of the situation.

You can be truthful in spite for wrong acts but you can not be right with these acts. . . only being truthful for righteous acts in any situation, "redeems you", to be a RIGHTEOUS MAN.

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